5 Ways to Add Personality to Your Work Attire

Most of our lives revolve around working. We spend eight hours of our 24-hour days behind a desk or cubicle. Because work gets so much of our attention, energy, and time, we often want to have a little fun at it. We want to highlight our unique identities.

Sometimes, fashion is the most freeing way to express ourselves, which makes us use it to showcase our personalities. The corporate setting can be a little restrictive in terms of fashion: we need to find a balance between the dress code and our style.

Let us guide you by showing you how to liven up your office attire.

Make a Statement with Accessories

Add one or two accessories to your outfit. Try some hoop earrings, an eye-catching scarf, or a pearl necklace. Pick jewelry that brings out your natural features and doesn’t distract co-workers. Buy accessories that show a bit of character and versatility. You want accessories that blend well with all your work outfits, so that the accessories can be worn on multiple days.

Add Color

Wear a blue dress instead of a black one. This is a great color for work because it has many different shades, and it is not too bright or too dark. The Chicago based blog A Lily Love Affair suggests that fair complexion women look best wearing sapphire and cobalt. Softer blue tones work best for ladies with peach skin. She mentions that navy, teal, chambray, and sky work well for almost any complexion.

Experiment with your blazer color for a pop of brightness with a classic business piece. In a professional setting, a red blazer looks elegant when paired with black and white, whether dresses, pants, or blouses. Add a hint of color with your makeup: try a bold red lip, dark blue eyeliner, or pattern nail polish.

Pick the Right Patterns

Cheetah print is a hard sell for work appropriate patterns, but stripes work well for office wear. Stripes, floral, and polka-dots are a few of the patterns that can work in an office setting when matched with the right clothing. A floral dress works well with a simple black blazer. Style a dress with a fun print or design with simple accessories and a basic cardigan.

Focus on the Layers

Wear basic business top and pants, but layer the top with a colorful cardigan, jacket, kimono, or cape. Cardigans with print designs can work in an office if the print is subtle and soft, like with this Little Mermaid cardigan from HotTopic.

The print should stand out for the color it brings to your outfit and not for the design being too bold. Kimonos aren’t typical corporate wear, but they can work in more business casual settings, such as a publishing company or tech business.  Match the patterns on the kimono with the color of your top or pants. This Spirited Away kimono is really eye catching but the patterns work well with a white blouse and black trousers.

Show it with Shoes

Your boss pays less attention to your shoes than your clothing. This allows you to get away with wearing more bolder designs or colors on your heels. You also can change the style of your shoes from heels to pumps, booties, flats, Mary Janes, or even wedges.

Once you figure out how you want to express yourself through fashion, use coupons at your favorite stores, like HotTopic, to stay trendy for less.