Factors to Consider When Booking a Function Venue

Finding the right venue for a function can be difficult, especially if this is the first time you are planning an event. Most venues are customisable, so you can hold a variety of different functions in the same place, such as baby showers, wakes, birthday parties, wedding events, anniversaries and a lot more. There are plenty of venues in the port city of Fremantle. It’s a relatively small region, with a population of just under 27,000 people.

It’s best to start looking for a viable venue a few months before the event. Most popular function venues are booked round the year, so you will need to make a booking as early as possible. Advanced bookings are generally recommended, since the rates vary depending upon demand. If a particular venue is booked during the wedding season, it will charge a very high price in case there’s an opening. However, before booking any function venue, you should always keep the following factors in mind.


How much money are you willing to pay for the function venue for one night? Setting a budget for the base rental is very important, since you will also need to pay over the top for decorations and catering. Most privately owned function venues in Fremantle also offer dedicated function packages. These are complete packages that include food, beverages, decorations and accommodation. Obviously, the prices vary depending upon the menu you select and the type of decorations you want at the event.


Number of Guests

How many people will be invited to the event? Smaller venues are only capable of accommodating up to 200-300 guests. However, if it’s a big event, you will probably need to rent a bigger function venue. There are certain venues in Fremantle that can accommodate up to 1,000 guests. Keep in mind that some function venues follow a progressive pricing policy. As the number of guests increase, the per-head cost decreases slightly.

The Layout

Do you have an idea about the type of event you are planning? For instance, if you are planning a wedding, do you want it to be held in a garden or a closed ballroom? You should consider the weather at the time of year when planning a wedding. A banquet hall is a better choice if the function will be held in the summer. You should first visit the function venue and create a mental picture of how it would look when it’s properly decorated.

The venue manager will also show you pictures of previous events that have been held at the venue. Of course, the decorations are quite flexible. If you are hiring a separate interior decorator for the event, you can also ask them to give you an idea of how the place would look after it’s been decorated. Try to choose a function venue that’s in a centralised location in the city, since that will be easy for the guests to find. Make sure that there’s adequate parking available at the venue as well.