Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: Which Saves More?

Restrooms in commercial locations receive a tonne of foot traffic every day while helping the location gain even more business. The cost of operating a hand dryer is nothing compared to the amount of business you could potentially lose due to no bathroom at all. However, there are smarter ways to stock the bathroom with toiletries and bathroom necessities. Unfortunately, the traditional paper towel is not the way to go.

The Cost of Restroom Appliances

Implementing a hand dryer system in a commercial bathroom allows business owners to save money on monthly utility bills. On average, a hand dryer costs a business between .02 and .18 in energy per day to operate. In comparison with paper towels, the average person uses almost three paper towels per hand wash. This can add up significantly since the cost of paper towels is a penny per sheet on average.

Waste Reduction

Getting the runaround from paper towel companies only leaves businesses with a temporary product that they’ll eventually have to re-stock on. A key selling point they’ll aim to push is that their products are eco-friendly because they’re recycled. While this sounds great, it doesn’t mean it’s the best route.


Even if the paper towels are recycled, it takes more energy for them to be created by a manufacturer than it does for your business to actually operate the hand dryer. The lack of waste created by hand dryers in comparison with paper towels is astounding. When a paper towel is finished being used, it is put into a plastic bag and then hauled off to the dump. Environmentally, hand dryers have proven themselves to be far superior to their traditional paper counterparts.

Instead of installing hand dryers one by one over a period of time, there are high-quality hand dryers at wholesale prices to save businesses more money. Buying bulk has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces the amount of packaging products needed. In return, the business’s carbon footprint is reduced while slowly introducing eco-friendly operating methods.

Chemical and Bacteria Release

There are many rumours about the air that is released from hand dryers while in use. Some state that the air is dirty and moves bacteria around, but filters inside the hand dryers prove otherwise. Filters within the hand dryer suck in the air and push out a bacteria-free hand drying product.

Most modern hand dryers don’t need to be touched in order to be activated. The user can simply run his or her hands under the spout and receive air. This aids in combatting the spreading of germs and naturally provides a clean environment.

With paper towel machines, there are millions of germs on cranks or knobs. Unfortunately, this makes hand washing unappealing to many even though it’s an action that’s supposed to fight against bacteria. Installing hand dryers can knock out two birds with one stone and make the germ-fearing rejoice. Not only do hand dryers allow businesses to save money for things that really matter, but customers will be greeted with a seamless and clean bathroom experience.