Your Mailing and Wrapping Needs Coverage by a Professional Mail Fulfilment Service

Sometimes, business both small and large require mailing services. They also need the type of bulk envelope stuffing and brochure poly-wrapping service that can only be done by a reliable company of experienced professionals with the right equipment.

Imagine this: you have a fast growing niche product retail business with a global list of clients, a huge mailing list, an active online and social media presence, and a few thousand physical brochures to mail out to your international customers! The trouble is that you don’t have the staff to cover this kind of job in a short space of time. The holiday period is coming up, and you really need to have all of those professionally produced company brochures packed and mailed within days. If you don’t get it done in time, you’re liable to lose money. This is where you need professional and experienced mail fulfilment services.

Using a Mail Fulfilment Service to Streamline Your Business

It would certainly be a mistake to think that snail mail has gone the way of the dodo. As tempting as it is to think that today, when digital media seems to have overtaken everything, the delivery of physical parcels has in fact increased, as customers are now ordering all sorts of products online. This also means that businesses, both large and small, also build and maintain lists of international customers with physical addresses. From time to time, these businesses will need to physically mail out advertising, retail catalogues, or even free gifts in very large numbers.

automated folding machines

Organising, packing and sorting all these pieces of mail is hard work and often requires days or even weeks to complete. In fact, some companies are so large and have such large mailing lists that they need to organise to mail millions of envelopes at a time! This is exactly where a mail fulfilment service can help. What should a company expect of a service like this? Consider the following benefits and features:

  • No limits: Whether you need two hundred, five hundred or even a million items packed, wrapped and sorted, an experienced and professional mail fulfilment service has you covered. They perform this job day in and day out and have the space and industrial grade packing and sorting machinery to get it done very quickly indeed. In fact, many of these companies can fill up to three-quarters of a million envelopes in a single 24-hour period!
  • Automated and accurate: If you need to fill each envelope with different inserts for different customers, the equipment that a mail fulfilment company uses can deliver. The envelope filling is fully automated, and different inserts can be matched to different customers and clients through the use of on-board cameras.
  • Hand packing: For orders that are especially delicate or fiddly and cannot be performed by an automated machine, a professional mail fulfilment service also features a staff of hand packers.

Mailing Out Your Material the Smart Way

Whether you need to mail out a small order, or an order of over one million envelopes to your customers, a mail fulfilment service can really deliver in a cost effective and efficient manner thattakes the pressure off your business and your staff.